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Li-Anne Dias
Li-Anne Dias


To the Board of Directors,

San Francisco Children's Art Center

A Letter of Intent to serve on the Board

I would like to express my interest to serve as a member of your Board. SFCAC’s mission and values are ones that are deeply aligned with my own.

I have a background in Fine Art, with a BFA in Painting from one of Asia’s oldest and most reputed Classical Art Institutions. Today, I’m a Creative Director and a Design Leader and work with in-house Marketing and Creative teams.

I’ve spent the last decade helping shape brands like Reddit, Grammarly, and many others, building award-winning creative teams, and designing products that serve millions. Exciting as that might seem, serving people and communities, and helping them thrive gives me the most meaning, and energy. 

To that end, I’ve had numerous opportunities to serve the community while using my skills and experience in meaningful ways.

I run a number of design education programs in partnership with local Venture Funds for women founders in India.

Web Design and Strategy

On my larger brand design teams, I have led in-house web design studios and am very comfortable leading web design and development for blogs and websites.


I can oversee, building, and maintaining online stores and other ecommerce web experiences

I can tap into my sizable network of artists, designers, motion designers and developers that would be eager to join me in volunteering for the SFCAC

Sourcing and Creative Staffing 

Representation and Fundraising

I’m eager to use web and communication design with strategic marketing initiatives to help raise funds for SFCAC if required. I’m willing to be an in-person representative to this end.

Brand Marketing Design and Strategy

I have years of experience in brand strategy and can support a number of marketing initiatives like brand campaigns, rollouts, announcements, and activation.

SFCAC’s mission to help children connect authentically with others, and more fully realize their human potential is one that is aligned with my own values; Kindness, Authenticity, and Intention. As a creative, there is no better way to pay it forward than helping children realize their artistic abilities. I am willing to serve on the board in any capacity needed, but here are some areas I think I would be best suited to support:

I would be happy to run a basic design program for young designers and design enthusiasts if it’s aligned with SFCAC's mission.

Early Design education for Children

I’m committed to raising $2000 this year and every year that I serve on the board for the SFCAC

Lastly, I would like to congratulate the board on the phenomenal work done this far. To nurture a space for creativity and expression for 700+ children each year is no small feat and one that deserves awareness, recognition, and passionate advocacy.

I would be honored to serve the SFCAC, and am committed to leading with kindness and building with intention.

Li-Anne Arabella Dias

March 1, 2022

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