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One of the first things that comes across through Mango health’s new brand and visual designs are the vibrant illustrations in a  brighter, friendlier color palette. The challenge lies in maintaining a tasteful simplicity in Mango’s visual assets that are both functional and aesthetic while effectively (and judiciously) using the fresh new color palette

The image alongside is intended to communicate a sense of ‘wellbeing’ and ‘positivity’. The aim of the illustration is to present these ideals to the user in a friendly light while still laying emphasis on the more vital and serious functions within the app.


The Challenge:


Although the illustration maintains a welcoming tone through the use of color and form, the image can be developed further so as to


  • make optimal use of the screen-space designated for illustration. 

  • subtly exercise a tasteful restraint with respect to color.

  • maintain the narrative, while still keeping the focus on the functional elements.



I started by making key sketches of how I could effectively use the illustration space to the fullest. My aim was to represent multiple scenes/ideas within the same illustration , keeping the use of divisions, outlines or sections to a minimum while still sending one simple, cohesive message.

In my first sketch, I tried to represent these three ideas without the use of circular divisions. Instead, I used three vertical illustrations laterally placed one above the other. The composition was definitely starting to look a lot more cleaner, but the image no longer told a story. The three illustrations did not effectively send out a message, and the construction was not particularly welcoming.

The second sketch uses a slightly different approach. I decided to keep the central figure from the original illustration, but draw the figure within the image frame instead of outside. Iv’e used all three ideas that were represented inside circles from the original illustration in my sketch as one image.

One key reason to eliminate the use of the central character from below the illustration, is that it resembles a profile-picture like arrangement even though it is a part of the illustration.

I made a third sketch, on the lines of the second, but making a slight change to the character. She faces the image instead of the user. I intended this change of orientation to give the image a more poetic quality, but soon realized that a figure looking back at itself against the sunset suggests undesired, dark undertones. I decided to go ahead with the second sketch.



I vectorized my second sketch, using a very limited palette in comparison with the original illustration. I also steered clear from the use of the logo orange so as to maintain the integrity of the brand’s primary color. Instead I used cooler hues in the illustration to compliment the orange band on the top. The final illustration has fewer intricacies than the original example, but the image now uses a rhythmic play of form and color, with only a couple accent-lines. The new illustration is effectively both welcoming and direct.

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